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Auditions 2016Auditioning at
The College of New Jersey

Welcome to our Audition Information Site, this page holds all the information you need for applying, scheduling, preparing and giving your audition at TCNJ.  For full music admission’s information, visit TCNJ Music Admissions.

Audition Handbook
Degree Program Summaries
Preparing for Your Audition
Parking and Directions
Schedule Your Audition

2015-16 Audition Dates:

  • November 18, 2015 – Wednesday – Early Decision and Transfers
  • January 15, 2016 – Friday
  • January 30, 2016 – Saturday
  • February 3, 2016 – Wednesday
  • February 17, 2016 – Wednesday
  • February 27, 2016 – Saturday

Audition dates are scheduled and confirmed by the Department of Music after your application has been forwarded to us by the Office of Admissions.  Please check that your application to The College of New Jersey is complete.

Advanced Placement Tests

During the orientation program in June, students who have been accepted into the College as music majors will be given the option of taking advanced placement tests in Keyboard Skills and in Musicianship. Please consult the following documents for further information about the skills to be assessed in each of these tests:

Special Instructions for Vocalists

Piano Accompaniment

Taped or CD accompaniment will NOT be permitted under any circumstances. Candidates are encouraged to rehearse with and bring their own accompanist to the audition. If this is not possible, an accompanist will be provided for vocal auditions. Please be aware that because of time constraints, rehearsal time will not be available with this accompanist. There will be enough time to discuss tempo and musical markings only.

If the candidate plans to use the accompanist provided by TCNJ, the candidate must make this request and must provide the following information to the Music Department no later than five business days before his/her audition:

  • Titles and composer names for musical selections (not the music itself unless specifically requested to do so)
  • Title of collection or edition
  • Publisher name of music to be sung
  • Key of piece (please use letter key, not voice part or “medium-high”)

The candidate may email this information to Dr. Hickman at or fax it to her at 609.637.5182.

Special Instructions for Pianists

Pianists who will audition for the music major are asked to submit a list of the standard works that they have performed and/or studied during the past three years and a letter of recommendation from their current private lesson instructor/teacher to Dr. Kanamaru at or fax it to her at 609.637.5182. The list and letter should be submitted at the time of application or by four weeks prior to the audition date, whichever comes later. Please include your audition date if it has been scheduled by that time.

Sample Repertoire List (This is meant to serve as a model only; the format is not limited to this particular format.)

Special Note for Pianists & Guitarists

Pianists and Guitarists are required to audition on a secondary instrument as well. Please consult the Audition Requirements Handbook for further information about this requirement.