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Michael Conklin

Adjunct Instructor of Music (Historical and Cultural Studies in Music)

M.A., Jazz History and Research, Rutgers University
B.A., Psychology, Rowan University
B.A., Music, Rutgers University

Mr. Conklin is an Adjunct Instructor of Music at The College of New Jersey where he teaches:

  • MUS 245: History of Jazz
  • MUS 260: Exploring Concert Music

Michael Conklin is an active jazz scholar, cultural historian, and writer who specializes in jazz history and American music, music of the antebellum South, the Harlem Renaissance, and issues of race and class.

Mr. Conklin is presently pursuing his doctoral studies (D.Litt) at Drew University. This interdisciplinary Doctor of Arts and Letters degree allows Mr. Conklin to focus on the intersections of American 19th and 20th century literature and black, American music (jazz).

His dissertation, Uptown Gumbo: The Impact of the Blues and Jazz on the 1920’s Harlem Literary Tradition, examines the relationship between the artistic movements of Jazz Age Harlem in addition to the racial and socio-cultural implications at these crossroads.  

Mr. Conklin graduated from Rutgers University with a Master’s degree in Jazz History and Research where he studied under such luminaries as Lewis Porter and Henry Martin. His thesis, an examination of the divergent piano styles of Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk, was entitled The Poet and The Priest.

Mr. Conklin spends the majority of his time teaching and writing; his work can be seen in publications by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Salem Press, Scarecrow Press, University of Michigan Press, ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Press and SAGE Publications.
You can reach Mr. Conklin at