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On the day of your audition, you will meet with different groups of faculty. We are interested in learning about your prior musical experiences as well as your academic and professional ambitions. You will also be given a series of Aural Skills and Music Theory Assessments. These are  one-on-one evaluations  of basic musicianship skills including:

  • Reading treble and bass clef, time and key signatures
  • Singing a simple song, unaccompanied (e.g., My Country ‘Tis of Thee)
  • Sight-singing
  • Melodic and rhythmic memory

Students with advanced music theory knowledge will be given opportunities for advanced placement at a later point in the matriculation process.

Audition Requirements

Remember that the Audition process begins with your application to the College.  When the Department of Music is notified of your application to the College, we will send you an email from, with the subject line: TCNJ Audition.

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