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Audition Requirements


The candidate may enter on the piano accordion with either the 120-bass (“stradella”) or any free bass left-hand system, or both.

The candidate is strongly urged to contact the instructor for further information and degree goals prior to auditioning:

Dr. Robert Young McMahan,

Minimum Entrance Requirements:

  • Major and harmonic minor scales through four flats and four sharps, right-hand and left-hand (need not be hands together), one octave, moderate to fast tempo. The left-hand scales may be done on either the stradella or free bass system, or both.
  • Right-hand major and minor arpeggios, two octaves, through four flats and four sharps, moderate to fast tempo.
  • The candidate must play three pieces of varying tempi and style from or at the level of the Palmer/Hughes series, Book 8 or higher.