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Minor in Music Studies

Course Requirements

Required courses are a mixture of music major and Liberal Learning course offerings. An audition is not required to enter the Music Minor. Students must register as a Music Minor with the Department of Music before they begin taking classes toward the minor, and they must consult with a Department of Music advisor in the selection of the courses which will lead to an individualized minor in music. Students are encouraged to start the music minor in the second semester of their freshman year and must start no later than the first semester of their second year.

At least one course must be taken from each of the subject areas below (Musicianship, Historical and Cultural Studies, Liberal Learning Courses in music, Applied).

Musicianship (1 course unit)

MUS 261/Musicianship I

Historical and Cultural Studies in Music (1 course unit)

MUS 246/Music in Global Perspective

*MUS 351/Music from 600 to 1750

*MUS 353/Music from 1750 to 1945

**MUS 452/Music from 1945 to the Present

Liberal Learning course in Music (1 course unit)

MUS 235/Arts and the Community

MUS 245/AAS 240/History of Jazz

MUS 265/Music and the Stage

MUS 345/Electronic Music

MUS 337/Audio Recording and Production

*MUS 335/Audio Signal Processing

*MUS 336/Interactive Music Programming

***MUS 355/WGS 307/Gender, Sexuality, and Pop Music in the 1980s

Applied (200- or 300-level) or Class Lessons (.5 course units)

Class Lessons include MUS 102, 103, 123, 126, 127, 150, and 227 MUS 290 may also count as Applied Lessons.

Notes: There is an audition for applied lessons. Lessons for beginners are not offered. In addition, there is a fee for applied lessons at $500 per semester for 25-minute lessons, and $1000 for 50-minute lessons.

Electives (1.5 Course Units)

All MUS courses apply, including instrumental and vocal ensembles.

TOTAL 5 Course Units

Additional Requirements for the Music Minor:

  1. Reading notated music
  2. Two courses at the 300-level
  3. No more than one course unit may be taken as an independent study
  4. Upon successful testing, students may transfer up to six credits from other institutions (1.5 course units).

Music Minor Coordinator: TBD

*Prerequisite: MUS 261/Musicianship I

**Prerequisite: MUS 263/Musicianship III and an FSP

***Liberal Learning prerequisites apply

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