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Dr. Teresa Marrin Nakra


Associate Professor of Music

Area Coordinator of Music Technology
Professor of Music, Design, and Creative Technology
Music Building 205

Ph.D., Media Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., Media Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.A., Music, Harvard University, magna cum laude

Dr. Teresa Nakra’s courses include:

  • MUS 335/IMM351: Studio Composition and Audio Signal Processing
  • MUS 336/IMM350: Interactive Music Programming
  • MUS 345/ADA 345/ IMM 250: Electronic Music Skills & Literature

Dr. Nakra is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Music Technology, with specializations in Computer-Human Interfaces, Music Perception, and Affective Computing. Her interactive conducting experiences (“You’re the Conductor” and “Virtual Maestro”) have been showcased across the United States and Europe in numerous museums, music festivals, and concert halls. Her work has been profiled in the New Yorker Magazine, the New York Times, CNN Headline News, BBC World Service, and the Associated Press.

Dr. Nakra founded and runs Immersion Music, a non-profit organization that provides technical solutions for the performing arts. Among Immersion Music’s clients have been Harvard University, ABC (Extreme Makeover Home Edition), the Boston Children’s Museum, the Children’s Discovery Museum (Illinois), the Leonard Bernstein Office, UBS, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Arizona State University, and McGill University. Dr. Nakra also has performed professionally as a conductor and violinist, in various opera, symphonic, and new music productions.

Dr. Nakra’s invention, the “Conductor’s Jacket”, was nominated by Alumni of MIT to be included as Object #55 in the MIT150 Exhibition, a year-long celebration of MIT’s founding. She organized an international workshop called Music, Mind, and Invention that brought leading scholars in Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Music, and Creativity to our campus in March 2012.