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Steinway Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

Steinway Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

We are excited to announce that four years after starting our All-Steinway Campaign, we are just $20,000 short of reaching our goal. To achieve the goal and become an officially recognized All-Steinway School, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign.

We invite friends of the TCNJ Department of Music to help us build momentum by spreading the word about this campaign through social media and through conversations with friends and family.

When we see a Steinway, we don’t see “just a piano.” We envision the communities created by each instrument. We see the community of Steinway craftspeople, whose hands fashion an outstanding instrument that will last 100 years. We see the hundreds of hands that will rehears countless hours in the TCNJ practice rooms. We see thousands of graduates who will take their TCNJ training back to new communities and contribute to the artistic, economic, and social vibrancy in their schools and neighborhoods. We see the generations of music students who will be taught by TCNJ alumni. We see talent nurtured and lives touched.

Once TCNJ becomes an All-Steinway School, the College will join a prestigious list of music programs, including Yale School of Music, The Juilliard School, The School of Music at Carnegie-Mellon University, and many more.