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Music Student’s Association

MSA is the Music Student’s Association. Our mission is to serve our peers, making you feel at home and adding to your experience at TCNJ. We are generally in charge of music building matters, and student-lead events. Outlined below are the general areas that MSA addresses:

  1. Student Events: MSA is also responsible for student-lead activities and events. As the newly elected board, we are anxious to introduce new events to benefit you and the future of our department. Events we hope to have for the upcoming school year are listed below:
    1. Welcome picnic – music students
    2. Mock recitals
    3. Department formal
    4. Fundraiser concert
    5. Outreach to surrounding high schools
    6. Working with other student organizations such as ACDA, ASTA, and NAfME.
  2. Building Maintenance: If there is exterior damage to the practice rooms, locker room, basement lounge area, or the building in general, you contact us (using your TCNJ email) and we will contact the appropriate person. This also includes pianos that are damaged or need to be tuned. If you see anyone disrespecting the building or using the pianos as a table for their belongings, speak up! It is your right to a clean, functioning building.
  3. Get involved: As events are scheduled, we will send out an email to the student body asking for volunteers and explaining the events in detail. By replying, we will respond with a follow-up email explaining your duties, expected behavior, and attire. Representative positions for all three degrees (music education, music performance, and bachelors in music) are elected at the end of the spring semester. Keep in mind we are open to suggestions and comments as well.

Email us: