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Department Faculty and Staff



Dr. Gary Fienberg, Trumpet
Dr. Wayne Heisler, AC Historical and Cultural Studies in Music
Dr. Suzanne Hickman, Voice
Dr. Tomoko Kanamaru, Piano
Dr. John Leonard, Chair, Voice
Nicholas McBride, Music Education
Dr. Robert McMahan, Music Theory and Composition
Dr. Teresa Marrin Nakra, Music Technology
Dr. Colleen Sears, Music Education
Dr. David Vickerman, Director of Bands

Dr. Cynthia Fulford, Program Assistant


Christina Pisel Asroff, Recording
Brian Brown, Tuba/Brass
Dr. Kivie Cahn-Lipman, Cello
Dr. Philip Cave, Voice/Choirs
Christopher Clark, Double Bass/String Bass
Quinn Collins, Music Technology
David DiGiacobbe, Flute
Robert Gale, Trombone and Euphonium
James Hala, Trumpet
Jack Hill, Double Bass
Virginia Kraft, Marching Band Tech
Joshua Kovach, Clarinet
Ingrid Ladendorf, Student Teacher Supervisor
Dr. Harold Levin, Viola
Jennifer Little, Lyric Theatre
Dennis MacMullin, Bassoon
Kathy Mehrtens, French Horn
Kathleen Mitchell, Saxophone
Michael Newman, Guitar
Kara Olive, Historical and Cultural Studies in Music
Justin Proffitt, Keyboard
Ted Schlosberg, Strings
Mark Snyder, Oboe
Dr. Nora Sirbaugh, Voice
Uli Speth, Violin
Dr. Marian Stewart
Andre’ Tarantiles, Harp
William Trigg, Percussion



Erik Allesee
Nicholas Gatto
James Lubrano
Stefanie Watson
Kathy Shanklin