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The Music Department at The College of New Jersey welcomes those who wish to participate in our various programs, ensembles, and courses. This page is an excellent resource for those who wish to take advantage of what the Department of Music has to offer to the student body at TCNJ. We take pride in offering many of the opportunities that are afforded music majors to those who would otherwise take an interest in the study of music. Click any of the links below to find information about how you may become involved!


All of the ensembles at the College are open to all students! However, some of our select ensembles require an audition. Ensembles will typically audition at the beginning of each semester.

Ensembles and Audition Information

Becoming a Music Minor


The Department of Music offers a Minor in Music Studies. Required courses are a mixture of music major level and liberal learning course offerings. An audition is not required to enter the music minor. Students interested in pursuing a minor in music must first attend an orientation session held once each semester or meet with the advisor, Dr. Suzanne Hickman.

Students are encouraged to start the music minor in the second semester of their freshman year and must start no later than the first semester of their second year. Each semester the student must consult with their Department of Music advisor in the selection of the courses, which will lead to an individualized minor in music.

The program for the music minor is as follows:

Additional Requirements:

  1. Reading music is a requirement.
  2. No more than one course unit may be taken as an independent study
  3. Upon successful testing, students may transfer up to six credits from other institutions (1.5 courses units).
  4. Courses taken must be in consultation with a Department of Music advisor.

Notes: There is an audition for applied lessons. Generally, lessons for beginners are not offered. In addition, there is a fee for the applied lessons. This fee varies depending on the number of credit hours and the individual instructor.

Music Minor Advisor: Dr. Suzanne L. Hickman

Contact Dr. Suzanne Hickman –  You may also want to correspond with the studio teacher of your desired primary instrument.

Private Studio Lessons

Contact should first be made with the studio teacher of your desired primary instrument.  Private lessons require additional fees and enrollment in private studio lessons.

You will need to meet with the studio instructor and determine whether you are prepared for private study.  Students who meet the requirements of private study will need to complete the Add Course Request Form. The private lessons course will be add to your schedule in PAWS.  Follow the instructions on the form to get the course added.