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The Music Faculty at TCNJ mentors every student closely as an individual within our diverse community. TCNJ’s Department of Music offers these degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Music in Music Education, and Bachelor of Music in Performance; minor degree programs in: Music, Music Technology, or Theater; entry as Open Options in music.

Our audition requirements enable individual plans for studying music at the collegiate level. We encourage exploration within and between our programs. And we welcome you to apply to TCNJ and audition for us! Our doors are open. Come and get to know us. Together, we will find your path in music.



Questions regarding your application and/or audition may be directed to:

Application Process

Students applying to The College of New Jersey with music as their intended major:

Complete TCNJ’s Admissions Application This must be done first!

Your general application will be received and processed by TCNJ’s Office of Admissions, then forwarded to the Department of Music.

You will receive an email from the Department of Music (from: with the subject line “TCNJ Auditions”).

Respond to the email to schedule your Audition Interview with the Department of Music.

Your interview is not scheduled until you respond to the email

Following your audition, the Department of Music will forward their evaluations and recommendations to the Office of Admissions.

You will be notified by the Office of Admissions regarding your overall application result.


A limited number of music talent scholarships are awarded to students in each incoming class. Note that TCNJ’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers both financial aid and academic scholarships. While admission to the Department of Music is Test Score Optional, admitted music students interested in being considered for academic scholarships are required to submit their standardized test scores (SAT or ACT). Please see Undergraduate Admissions.