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Audition Requirements


Vocal study primarily focuses on the classical repertoire. There are opportunities to participate in musical theatre, but there is no degree offered in musical theatre. Songs from the musical comedy or popular repertoire may not be used for this audition.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Suzanne Hickman,

Required Musical Selections

  • Two memorized selections from the classical repertoire are required.
  • One song must be in the English language and one in a foreign language.

The selections chosen should show the candidate’s skill in the following areas: musical ability, breathing, tone production, language skills and communication skills.

The following list should be used only as a guide for the pieces that would be appropriate for the audition. A simple art song that is well sung and convincingly presented is preferable to a more difficult aria that may be beyond the capabilities of a young singer. On the other hand, if a candidate has been studying advanced literature for at least a year, an aria might be appropriate.

  • Early Italian songs such as those found in G. Schirmer’s “Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias” or in Alfred’s ” Twenty-Six Italian Songs and Arias”
  • German lieder by Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, or Brahms
  • French bergerettes or songs by Fauré
  • Songs found in collections such as the “First Solo Songs” and ” Second Solo Songs” edited by Joan Frey Boytim, published by G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard


Please bring all printed music to be performed. Absolutely NO PHOTOCOPIES, please. Due to the legal ramifications of using copied music, any candidate arriving at his or her audition with copied music will not be allowed to perform. The performance component of the audition will have to be rescheduled, time permitting. However, please note that CD Sheet Music is legal and acceptable.

Piano Accompaniment: Taped or CD accompaniment will NOT be permitted under any circumstances. Candidates are encouraged to rehearse with and bring their own accompanist to the audition. If this is not possible, an accompanist will be provided for vocal auditions. Please be aware that because of time constraints, rehearsal time will not be available with this accompanist. There will be enough time to discuss tempo and musical markings only.

If the candidate plans to use the accompanist provided by TCNJ, the candidate must make this request and must provide the following information to the Music Department no later than five business days before his/her audition:

  • Titles and composer names for musical selections (not the music itself unless specifically requested to do so)
  • Title of collection or edition
  • Publisher name of music to be sung
  • Key of piece (please use letter key, not voice part or “medium-high”)

The candidate may email this information to Dr. Hickman at or fax it to her at 609.637.5182.