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Double Bass

Audition Information

The goal of the audition is to enable you to best demonstrate your musical achievement. Select pieces from the repertoire below that you feel confident with and that display your strengths and interests.  We encourage you to consult with your music teacher or private lesson teacher when choosing and preparing your repertoire. We also invite you to contact Mr. Chris Clark, Artist-Teacher of Bass, for guidance in selecting repertoire and to inquire about scheduling a free sample lesson prior to your audition.

-Each audition includes demonstrations of scales, a study and a solo-


Play one major scale with arpeggio (2 or 3 octaves); if possible, please play both separate bows (one note, one bow) and tie-2 or tie-4 (slurs in 2 or 4).  Also, play one minor scale with arpeggio (2 or 3 octaves), and separate bows (one note, one bow).


One etude in whole or in part, from Simandl: New Method 1 or 2; from an International Music Company, or alternatives as listed below.

Alternative studies include, but are not limited to any Simandl works, e.g. 30 Etudes, etudes/studies by F. Rabbath, Vade Mecum or other George Vance works, or an etude from any International Music etude book,  such as Storch-Hrabe.


Alessandro Scarlatti, Three Sonatas, any two movements

Benedetto Marcello, any two sonata movements

Antonio Vivaldi, any two sonata movements

Edouard Nanny (attributed), “Dragonetti” Concerto in G Major, first movement

Henry Eccles, Sonata in g minor,  any two movements or just the fourth

S. Koussevitzky, Valse Miniature or Chanson Triste

J.S. Bach, Sonata for Viola da Gamba No. 2

*Suggested publishers for these solos are; International, Liben Music, and Schirmer.  Other editions and substitute works of comparable difficulty as well as transcriptions of works by other instruments are acceptable. Original works are also encouraged in consultation with Mr. Clark. The studies and solo repertoire listed on this page are available for purchase at major sheet-music retailers, including JWPepper, Sheet Music Plus, and Amazon.

If you have any questions about these requirements, need assistance selecting appropriate repertoire, or would like to explore modified/alternate requirements, please contact Mr. Chris Clark