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-Be sure to review Recording and Submission instructions at the bottom of this page-


Record one major scale with arpeggio (2 or 3 octaves); if possible, please play both separate bows (one note, one bow) and tie-2 or tie-4 (slurs in 2 or 4).  Also, record one minor scale with arpeggio (2 or 3 octaves), and separate bows (one note, one bow).


One etude in whole or in part, from Simandl: New Method 1 or 2; from an International Music Company, or alternatives as listed below.

Alternative studies include, but are not limited to any Simandl works, e.g. 30 Etudes, etudes/studies by F. Rabbath, Vade Mecum or other George Vance works, or an etude from any International Music etude book,  such as Storch-Hrabe.


A movement or part of a movement (minimum 3 minutes) of a Concerto, Solo Sonata or Solo Piece. Examples include, but are not limited to movements from any sonata by Vivaldi or Marcello; a movement of a student concerto.  For example ,the Dragonetti-Nanny first movement, the Capuzzi first movement, or similar works, or any short unaccompanied solo work, e.g. one or more from a set of Finnish Sketches from Recital Music composer David Heyes.

How to Record your Audition-STRINGS

How to Submit an Audition

Downloadable version of Bass audition requirements

For information about your Bass audition, contact Mr. Chris Clark

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