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Events and Room Bookings

  • To book an event or performance, The Department of Music has dates reserved in the calendar for studio performances in Mayo Concert Hall.
  • Contact Rich Kroth to schedule a performance event for your studio (
  • To learn more about room availability, visit

Other Resources

  • Recital Hearing Approval Form
    This form must be printed and brought with the student to his or her recital hearing. As soon as the recital hearing has been successfully completed, the student must complete the Junior/Senior Recital Request Form (see above) and schedule a meeting with the Department Secretary! Please remember that your complete recital program is due to the Secretary four (4) weeks prior to your recital date.
  • Music Department Performance and Event Request Form
    This form serves to reserve a Performing Arts Venue for a Department of Music Performance or Special Event. Events are scheduled pending qualification and approval of the Performance Affairs Committee. Events may ONLY be requested by Faculty and Staff in the Department of Music. Scheduled events are NOT confirmed until approved by the Academic and Performance Affairs committee.
  • Performance Recording Request Form
    This form serves to request a reference recording of your performance. The Department of Music is equipped to provide students and faculty with a reference audio copy of their TCNJ performance for the purpose of analysis, private study, or research. Requests for multiple copies or any other use are not permissible under the Copyright Act: title 17 of the United States Code. PLEASE NOTE: Wind Ensemble and Chorale recordings must be approved in writing by the ensemble director before submitting this form.
  • Recording Session Request Form
    This form serves to reserve a performance facility for a Department of Music Recording Session. Sessions must be academically related, and approved by a member of the Music Department faculty.
  • Rehearsal Request Form
    This form serves to reserve a performance venue for a Department of Music rehearsal for an already approved performance or special event. The number and length of rehearsals depends on established policies in the Department of Music.

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