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Audition Information

The goal of the audition is to enable you to best demonstrate your musical achievement. Select pieces from the repertoire below that you feel confident with and that display your strengths and interests.  We encourage you to consult with your music teacher or private lesson teacher when choosing and preparing your repertoire. We also invite you to contact Mr. Michael Newman, Artist-Teacher of Guitar, for guidance in selecting repertoire and to inquire about scheduling a free sample lesson prior to your audition.

-Each audition includes demonstrations of scales, a study and a solo-

The Department of Music offers a major in classical guitar only.


Diatonic Major and Minor Scales, 2-3 octaves. Candidates should be prepared to play scales that are in the same keys as the pieces they perform for the audition, as well as the relative major or minor key. For example, if you will be performing a piece in the key of G major, play a G major scale and its relative minor, E minor. Suggested fingerings are those by Segovia, Shearer or equivalent.


One study/etude. Suggestions include: Carcassi Op. 60 (Chanterelle); Sor- Segovia Studies (Marks Music M394), Giuliani Op. 50 or 100; Brouwer Études Simples (Estudio sencillos), Villa-Lobos – Etude no. 1; Scott Tennant’s Pumping Nylon: Supplemental Repertoire, or equivalent.


Two solo pieces contrasting in style, character, and key (if possible)
The following is a sampling of pieces you might select, but is intended only as a guide:

Milán – one of the Six Pavans
Dowland — any Galliard
Bach – Prelude BWV 999
Bach – Minuets from 1st Suite for ‘Cello (trans. for guitar) BWV 1007
Giuliani – Sonatinas, Op. 71
Tárrega – Logríma, a mazurka, or a vals
Ponce-Segovia – one of the Twelve Preludes
Villa-Lobos – Prelude 1 or 4

*The studies and solo repertoire listed on this page are available for purchase at major sheet-music retailers, including JWPepper, Sheet Music Plus, and Amazon.

If you have any questions about these requirements, need assistance selecting appropriate repertoire, or would like to explore modified/alternate requirements, please contact Mr. Michael Newman

Required Secondary Instrument for Guitarists

As a part of guitar study, students will be asked to choose whether they will pursue a Guitar – vocal track, or a Guitar – instrumental track.  The track that is chosen will determine how large ensemble requirements will be fulfilled. Your audition for your secondary instrument will occur on the same day as your guitar audition

General description of the vocal track

You will be asked to sing a vocalization and a short, prepared song of your choice, for example: “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” or some other familiar song.

General description of the instrumental track

You will be asked to play scales and a short, 2 – 5 minute prepared piece of your choice, on your secondary instrument. You may also opt top play  a part from one of your band pieces in lieu of a solo piece.

The objective of the secondary instrument audition is to demonstrate the ability to successfully participate in a curricular ensemble, as determined by an ensemble Director and/or a studio instructor.