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-Be sure to review RECORDING and SUBMISSION instructions linked at the bottom of this page-

Please record 3 videos, one each for your scales, solo piece, and studies (etude):



Record 4, three-octave scales in the following keys, using Region or All State style rhythm:
E Major
A-flat Major
B-flat Major
B-flat (or full-range) Chromatic, slurred in duple meter


Record 5 minutes of music from one of the pieces below, without accompaniment.   If possible, please offer contrasting sections.
Bourdeau: Premier Solo (entire solo)
Mozart: Concerto in Bb Major 1st and 2nd movements
Telemann: Sonata in F Minor (All four movements)
Pierne: Concert Piece-Entire Solo


Record 3 minutes of an etude of your choosing that best demonstrates your ability. Representative etudes from the Weissenborn Advanced Studies or from the Milde Concert Studies Volume I are suggested.

How to Record your Audition – Woodwinds

How to Submit your Audition

Downloadable version of Bassoon audition requirements

For specific questions about your Bassoon audition, contact Mr. Dennis MacMullin


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