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Vocal Studies

Audition Requirements

The Vocal Studies Program of the TCNJ Department of Music is designed for inquisitive, passionate, and engaging vocalists who are interested in pursuing careers in performance (Bachelor of Music in Performance), music education (Bachelor of Music in Music Education), or other areas within the field of music (Bachelor of Arts in Music).

To audition for the program, applicants must prepare two (2) contrasting musical selections:

  1. One selection in English. This selection can be a classical art song, folk song, spiritual, or hymn setting.
  2. One contrasting selection. Suggestions for a contrasting selection include:
    1. A classical art song or aria in another language, or
    2. A musical theatre selection, or
    3. A selection from the African American, Latin American, or Native American musical traditions, or a selection from other world cultures.

Both selections must be memorized and performed with piano accompaniment. The chosen selections should be those that best showcase the candidate’s musicality, vocal abilities, and performance skills.


Taped or CD accompaniment will NOT be permitted under any circumstances. Although an accompanist will be provided, candidates are welcome to bring their own accompanist to the audition. Please be aware that due to time constraints, rehearsal time will not be available with this accompanist. There will be enough time to discuss tempo and musical markings only.

If the candidate plans to use the accompanist provided by TCNJ, the candidate should email the following information to the Department of Music; no later than five business days before the audition:

Titles and composer names for musical selections

Key of piece (please use letter key, not voice part or “medium-high”)

In addition, the candidate must bring copies of the music to the audition.

If you have any questions about these requirements, need assistance selecting repertoire, or would like to explore modified/alternate requirements, please email