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Recording Instructions- STRINGS


A typical smartphone, or a computer/laptop with a built-in microphone and camera will suffice for making the video.

Camera Placement

  1. You should be well lit, with no bright windows or other light sources behind you or in the frame.
  2. Violin and Viola players should stand for their audition.
  3. We need to see your instrument while you play. Be sure that the frame wide is enough to show your face and both hands, even when your bow is at the tip.
  4. Dress neatly and limit visual distractions in the camera frame.

Actual Recording

  1. You may make a separate recording for each portion of the audition. (one recording for the scales, one for the etude, etc.)
  2. Be sure that there is no distracting background noise, i.e. television or air conditioner noise.
  3. At the beginning of the recording announce your name as well as the title of the music you are going to play (i.e. ‘My name is Jane Doe, I will play an E major scale and arpeggio followed by Kreutzer Etude no. 27 and Accolay Violin Concerto.’)

Download “How To Record Your Audition” -Strings

For questions or for more information about recording your audition, contact the Strings Area Coordinator, Mr. Uli Speth