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Ensemble Auditions

Ensemble auditions are held during the first week of the Fall semester. Specific information about auditions/enrollment in each ensemble will be posted in mid-August.

TCNJ Bands: Fall 2021 Audition Information


Audition Philosophy

  • TCNJ has two wind bands: Concert Band (MUS 145/185) and Wind Ensemble (MUS 140/180). Both ensembles are open to all students, regardless of major. Wind Ensemble is an auditioned group, with a limited number of spots. Students are assigned to the group based on an audition.
  • The purpose of the audition is to ensure that each student is placed in an appropriate ensemble or assigned appropriate parts that will both challenge and support them, while maximizing their individual development.
  • Many factors are considered when determining a student’s ensemble placement and part assignments. The most important is always the individual student and ensuring they have a growth-oriented experience. Other factors include the needs of the student, their technical ability, the needs of the repertoire, and the needs of the ensemble.

Audition Logistics

  • Who must audition?
    • Music-majors are required to complete an audition. Based on the results of the audition, students will be placed in either wind ensemble or concert band.
    • Any non-music major at TCNJ is eligible to audition for TCNJ Wind Ensemble. Based on the results of the audition, students will be placed in either wind ensemble or concert band.
    • Non-music majors wishing to participate in the TCNJ Concert Band are not required to complete a formal audition for acceptance into the ensemble—they should register for the course in PAWS (MUS 185). In the late summer, Professor Warshafsky will be in touch with new Concert Band students to schedule an in-person, informal playing assessment.
  • Wind Ensemble Auditions for Fall 2021 will take place live and in person at the College. Students auditioning for wind ensemble will be assigned a specific audition time:
    • Percussion: Monday, August 30 from 3:30-5pm
    • Brass: Monday, August 30 from 4:30-9:30pm
    • Woodwind, String Bass, Harp, Piano: Tuesday, August 31 from 3:30-9:30pm

Wind Ensemble Audition Requirements

  • Woodwinds, brass, harp, string bass, and piano:
    • Two separate excerpts of varying style (one fast/technical excerpt and one slow/lyrical excerpt). The excerpts can come from the same piece or different pieces. Emphasize quality over quantity. Each excerpt should be about two-minutes in length.
    • Flautists wishing to be considered for piccolo parts should also prepare one piccolo excerpt.
    • A chromatic scale demonstrating the range of the instrument
    • Sight Reading
  • Percussion:
    • Snare drum etude, timpani etude, mallet (xylophone or marimba) etude/solo, and sight reading.

More Information

TCNJ Choirs

Chorale, Collegium Musicum or College Choir

  • Auditions for the fall semester 2021 (TBD) in Music Building 027.


    • You do not have to be music major to be in any of the choral ensembles.
    • You must audition to be considered for the Chorale or Collegium Musicum.
    • There is no audition required for College Choir. Basic singing and music reading skills and a desire to learn and improve as a musician are required.

    All Freshman Music Majors should plan to audition. All Music Performance and Music Education majors are required to participate in a large choral ensemble at least two semesters during their career at TCNJ.

    What to Prepare:

    Auditions for the Chorale and Collegium Musicum:

    1. A simple song a cappella, such as the National Anthem, Danny Boy, Amazing Grace, etc.
    2. Vocalizing (scales) for range
    3. Rhythmic and melodic sight reading
    Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill-out an audition form.
    For further information, please contact Dr. John Leonard, TCNJ Director of Choral Activities

TCNJ Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble

Auditions for the fall 2021 Jazz Ensemble begin with an OPEN REHEARSAL on Tuesday, August 31, 3:30-4:50pm, Music Building room 019 (basement). Bring your instrument(s) and be ready to play – this will be a full rehearsal with all students participating.

Jazz Ensemble is an inclusive ensemble for all qualified students. However,  when there is an overabundance of candidates for a particular instrument or section, competitive auditions are necessary. You will be notified on September 1 if you must participate in this audition.

Click here for details of the audition, to be held on September 3, beginning at 3:30pm


Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone

  • Choose and prepare a 1-2 minute piece that best demonstrates your abilities – preferably but not exclusively a jazz piece. If you don’t have a piece in mind, you can use a section from a piece you performed with one of your former high school groups.
  • A short piece distributed ahead of time (2 days), for you to prepare
  • A short piece of sight reading
  • Optional: play 2 choruses of the Blues in concert F or Bb
  • Saxophonists may audition on the instrument of their choice (although you may ultimately be assigned to a different instrument, in which case there will be an instrument for you to use)

Piano, Bass, Guitar, Vibraphone

  • Choose and prepare a 1-3 minute piece that best demonstrates your abilities – We recommend picking a tune that you know well, play the melody and 1-3 choruses of improvisation or simple accompaniment.
  • You will be asked to create an accompaniment from a lead-sheet which will be provided at the audition (nothing too complicated or too fast).

Drums (percussion)

You will be asked to play a series of alternating sequences of the following rhythms:

  • Swing: medium, fast
  • Shuffle
  • Latin: Bossa Nova, Samba and/or Afro-Cuban
  • Contemporary: Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock.

Email the director, Professor Fienberg, with questions

TCNJ Orchestra

Auditions are scheduled (TBD) from 8:30 am – 7:30 pm in room 123 (Music Building)

  • To sign up please follow the link below and enter your name and instrument at a time that works for you.

If none of the times work with your schedule or for any other questions please contact Prof. Uli Speth at

  • For the audition prepare a portion of a solo piece (concerto, sonata or study piece) that represents your playing well (i.e. if you are familiar with higher positions don’t play a piece that stays in first position). The selection has to be at least 3 minutes long.