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-Be sure to review Recording and Submission instructions at the bottom of this page-

To apply for music programs with piano as the primary instrument, applicants are requested to submit the following materials:

Repertoire List

A list of the pieces that the applicant has performed and/or studied during the past three years should be sent electronically to Dr. Kanamaru at at least one week before the audition date. Although there is no specific format requirement for the list, a sample repertoire list is available at

Letter of Recommendation

A brief letter of recommendation from the private piano lesson instructor should be sent electronically to Dr. Kanamaru at at least one week before the audition date.

Video Recordings (Piano)

Depending on the degree program sought, the applicant should submit either two or three solo performance video clips that were recorded in September 2020 or later. Each video clip should start with the applicant’s name followed by the title of the selection to be performed and its composer. All the selections must be performed from memory.


  1. For all music degree programs: One of the following works by J. S. Bach: a set of Prelude and Fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier (excluding the set in C Major from Book I), or one Three-Part Sinfonia, or two Two-Part Inventions. Label the clip as [PianoRep1_ yourlastname
  2. For all music degree programs: One fast movement of a Sonata by Haydn, Mozart (excluding K. 331/K. 300i), or Beethoven (excluding Op. 49). Label the clip as [PianoRep2_ yourlastname].
  3. For BM in Music Education or Performance ONLY: Additional work selected from either 19th, 20th, or 21st-century repertoires. Label the clip as [PianoRep3_ yourlastname].

Video Recordings (Secondary Instrument/Voice): Please refer to the audition requirements for the respective area.

How to Record your Audition-PIANO

How to Submit an Audition

Downloadable version of Piano audition requirements

For questions about piano audition requirements, please contact Dr. Kanamaru at

Required Secondary Instrument for Pianists

As a part of piano study, students will be asked to choose whether they will pursue a Keyboard – Vocal track, or a Keyboard – Instrumental track.  The track that is chosen will determine how large ensemble requirements will be fulfilled. Submissions of secondary instrument audition pieces will occur later in the matriculation process.

General description of the Keyboard -vocal track

You will be asked to record  a vocalization and a short, prepared song of your choice, for example: “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” or some other familiar song.

General description of the Keyboard- instrumental track

You will be asked to record  scales and a short, 2 – 5 minute prepared piece of your choice, on your secondary instrument. You may also opt top play a part from one of your band pieces in lieu of a solo piece.

The objective of the secondary instrument audition is to demonstrate the ability to successfully participate in a curricular ensemble, as determined by an ensemble Director and/or a studio instructor.

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