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Recording instructions VOICE

Recording device

Your phone should serve you well for both audio and video. No external microphone is required.

Camera Frame

  • Stand in front of a neutral wall, with no patterns or pictures behind you.
  • Clothes should be a solid color and nothing too casual.
  • The light should come from the front with no windows or bright sources on the side.
  • The camera should be vertical so that the reviewers can see the auditionee’s face and front body to the floor.


As with a live audition, there should be no editing of the audio or video.  We would like to see the singer start the video, then step into frame, sing, and turn the video off when finished.

Singers should state their name, the song title, and composer before beginning to sing on each video.

Show us the joy that you have for singing!

Downloadable version of recording instructions VOICE

For questions or for further information about recording your audition, contact Dr. Suzanne Hickman

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